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A Higher Standard of Fit and Function

At The Lions Cyclery we strive to create a meaningful connection between you and your bike. We make sure your bike's chainline is perfect so that you can get out in to the fresh air and go for a care free Kelowna cycle. Located in the heart of downtown Kelowna, we are surrounded by such a diverse range of terrain to ride. Whether you prefer cruising flat roads, commuting, sustained mountain climbs, gravel roads, or weaving down single track we have a bike for you. We take pride in creating a unique, ground up experience customized to each rider's needs.

Unlike other bike shops we do not just sell you bikes we have sitting on the floor. We prefer to take the time to get to know you, what kind of riding makes you tick, whether you have had any past injuries, and then take your custom measurements before ordering your perfect bike.

At Lion's we source from some of the best manufacturers around to bring a unique mix of options to our bike shop and Kelowna. For road cycling and gravel riding we work with brands like Parlee, Marinoni, All City, and Soma. For getting deeper into the mountains and adventure riding we have Salsa and Alchemy. Or if simple commuting and city riding is more your style we carry Brodie bikes among others.

We also bring some of the best components and accessories to Kelowna for you to outfit your bikes with. We work closely with component manufacturers like White Industries, Campangnolo, Chris King, Easton, DT Swiss, Rene Herse, and Whisky to name a few. If you need to outfit your bike with accessories ranging from daily commutes to multi-day adventures we can support you with expert advice and brands like Salsa, Apidura, Revelate, Silca, Dynamo, Leyzyne, Supacaz, and many more.

Come in and see how we can help you get on your first bike or how we can help to elevate your riding to the next level.


The highest standard of service is what We aim for at The Lions Cyclery. No matter what bike you roll through our doors with we follow the same procedure: a discussion about any issues regarding your bike and repair budget, A full and comprehensive assessment, a quote that aims to create transparency between costs and the work performed, and finally we provide the you with a timeline and get to work on your bike. Our goal is to have your bike riding better than it ever has before. We are also the only bike shop in Kelowna that is a member of The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association.

In-Season Tune-Up Labour - $80

Our In-Season Tune-up is our basic tune and covers the following: 

Full assessment of bicycle, adjustment of shifting, adjustment of brakes, minor wheel truing, checking all bearings for proper adjustment, installation of new small parts (i.e. chain, cassette, brake pads, or cables), parts are not included.

Needed twice per year. 

Seasonal Tune-Up Labour - $130

Our Full Seasonal Tune-up is will take care of all the following: 

Full assessment of bicycle, adjustment of shifting, adjustment of brakes, wheel truing and tension check, checking all bearings for proper adjustment, bike and drivetrain wipe down, installation of new small parts (i.e. chain, cassette, brake pads, or cables), parts are not included.

Needed every season.

Bicycle Build Labour - $360

We build a lot of custom bikes and we can put together your newest bike too. This is a full build from frame up and includes installing all standard parts and setting up shifting and braking. Whether it's a road race machine or a touring bike we can put together any bike. We can replicate your position from our favorite bike or we can helping you dial in your fit with a fitting before or after we build the bike. For steel frames this will include facing and chasing the bottom bracket shell and pressing in the headset.

Wheel Build Labour One Wheel - $80

We are strong believers in the strength and durability of handbuilt wheels. There are many reasons to have a wheel build for you and we take great pride in offering wheels built with Sapim spokes and your choice of DT Swiss, White Industries, Chris King, and many other high quality hubs.

Whether it's for racing, touring, cyclocross, mountain biking, or specialty usage like wheel chairs we can build you strong, light, and serviceable wheels.

Bike Fit Package - $200

Your bike should feel comfortable every time you ride it whether you are putting 300km a week and racing full time or you only get out for a casual ride once every couple weeks. We take great pride in doing the best fittings in Kelowna and have 12 years of bicycle fitting and sizing experience to back up our fits. 

Our fitting process starts with a full set of bio-metric measurements and then a 1.5 hour fitting session with a careful order of operations that we have developed over a 1000 plus fittings to maximize comfort and make your bike feel like an extension of you. And because we believe that some changes can't be rushed we include 3 follow up 15 minute sessions for any addition changes or tweaks that need to be done to get the bike set-up just right.

Flat Tire Repair Labour - $15

Have a flat tire? We take great care in making sure that we find the source of the flat and replace your tube while you wait so you can get back on your bike as soon as possible.

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